LARIX decidua 25lt - April
LARIX var. - June, WanakaLARIX decidua 25lt - MayEuropean Larch - LARIX - Wanaka, MayLARIX decidua 25lt - MayLARIX decidua PB40 - Nov

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LARIX decidua – European Larch

Product Description

European Larch

Is a quick-growing conical deciduous tree. Has soft blue-green foliage early spring. Produces spectacular orange to gold shades in autumn. Very impressive display of these trees around Queenstown and Arrowtown area in autumn. Hardy, deciduous, grows to 10m+.

Suitable for: Group and avenue planting.

Features: Soft new green foliage early spring turning brilliant orange and gold in autumn.

Botanical Name: LARIX decidua