ILEX altaclerensis Hendersonii 12lt - Jan
ILEX altaclarensis 'Hendersonii' 80lt - MayILEX altaclarensis 'Hendersonii' 35lt Std - AprilILEX altaclarensis 'Hendersonii' 35lt - MarchILEX altaclarensis 'Hendersonii' - 110lt - AprilILEX altaclarensis 'Hendersonii' - 35lt - AugustILEX altaclarensis 'Hendersonii' - 35lt - April

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Product Description

Smooth Leaf Holly

An attractive smooth-leaf holly with dark green foliage and upright pyramidal form. Has clusters of red berries developing early autumn through to winter. A hardy attractive screening plant, can also be trimmed into a formal hedge. Hardy, evergreen, grows to 4 x 2m.

Suitable for: Topiary, formal and feature planting, hedging and screening.

Features: Dark green smooth leaf, clusters of red berries over winter.

Botanical Name: ILEX altaclerensis Hendersonii

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