Hedge Bay Laurel - LAURUS nobilis Pride of Provence 60lt - March
LAURUS nobilis 'Pride of Provence' 19lt - AprilLAURUS nobilis 'Pride of Provence' 8.5lt - JanLAURUS nobilis 'Pride of Provence' 25lt - JanLAURUS nobilis 'Pride of Provence' 60lt - March

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LAURUS nobilis ‘Pride of Provence’ – Hedge Bay Laurel

Product Description

Hedge Bay Laurel

Has emerald green foliage and a bushy habit. Excellent for low hedging & formal gardens. Evergreen, grows to 3 x 2m.

Suitable for: Formal gardens, hedging.

Features: Compact emerald green bush.

Botanical Name: LAURUS nobilis ‘Pride of Provence’

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