Irish Strawberry Tree - ARBUTUS unedo 45lt - Feb
ARBUTUS unedo (berry) - JuneARBUTUS unedo 35lt - JanARBUTUS unedo (foliage) - MayARBUTUS unedo 80lt - MayArbutus unedo 45lt - MayArbutus unedo (foliage & flower) - MayIrish Strawberry Tree - Arbutus unedo 35lt - May 17ARBUTUS unedo 45lt - Feb

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Product Description

Irish Strawberry Tree

An attractive well known large evergreen shrub/tree with shedding dark brown bark. Has dark green foliage and red strawberry-like fruit, great for attracting bird life. Splendid as a specimen, or in avenue or street planting. Very hardy, evergreen, grows to 4m.

Suitable for: Street planting, coastal planting, screening.

Features: Attractive bark, white flowers, red fruit in autumn.

Botanical Name: ARBUTUS unedo

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