AMELANCHIER canadensis 35lt - Jan
AMELANCHIER canadensis 35lt - OctAMELANCHIER canadensis PB28 - JanAMELANCHIER canadensis (flower) - OctAMELANCHIER canadensis 80lt - SepAMELANCHIER canadensis 25lt - AprilWhitebait Tree - AMELANCHIER canadensis - Oct, Queens Park - InvercargillAMELANCHIER canadensis 45lt - AprilAMELANCHIER canadensis (leaf) - AprilAMELANCHIER canadensis 80lt - OctAMELANCHIER canadensis (flower) - SeptAMELANCHIER canadensis 35lt - May

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AMELANCHIER canadensis – Shad Bush or NZ Whitebait Tree

Product Description

Shad Bush or NZ Whitebait Tree

(Flowers when the whitebait are running.) Hardy attractive shrub or small tree. White starry flowers cover the tree early spring with fresh coppery growth providing good contrast. Small purple berries follow which can be useful for culinary purposes and are also attractive to birds. Great autumn display with yellow, orange, crimson to purple colour. Very hardy, tolerates dry exposed conditions, deciduous, grows to 4 x 3m.

Suitable for: Group and feature planting, smaller avenues.

Features: Tolerates dry exposed conditions, spring blossom and colourful autumn display.

Botanical Name: AMELANCHIER canadensis

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