Horse Chestnut - AESCULUS hippocastanum 80lt - Feb
AESECULUS hippocastanum 45lt - NovAESECULUS hippocastanum - April, DunedinAESECULUS var. - April, AshburtonAESECULUS hippocastanum 80lt - Oct

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AESCULUS hippocastanum – Horse Chestnut

Product Description

Common Horse Chestnut

It is a broadly conical, deciduous tree with large-lobed, dark green leaves, providing excellent shade during summer. It produces large creamy white flowers followed by spiky fruits enclosing the renowned conker. Hardy, deciduous. Grows to 10m+.

Suitable for: Avenues, pollarding, shade, specimens.

Features: Flowers, conkers, shade in summer.

Botanical Name: AESCULUS hippocastanum

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