POPULAR Portuguese Laurel Std – LARGE Sizes Available Now!!!

Standard Portuguese Laurels - PRUNUS lusitanica Std - Nov - Portuguese Laurel Std

Portuguese Laurel Std – Lovely pleached row shown above. A fantastic hardy evergreen with lush new green foliage. Hardy to frost heat, sun and dry. A very popular landscape plants… SECURE these great looking trees NOW!!!

PRUNUS lusitanica 1m Std 14lt - Nov

PRUNUS lusitanica – Portuguese Laurel 1-1.2m Std (40cm+ heads now) 14lt container

PRUNUS lusitanica 1m Std 35lt - Nov

PRUNUS lusitanica – Portuguese Laurel Std 1m Std (50cm+ heads now) 35lt

PRUNUS lusitanica 1.2m Std 35lt - Nov

PRUNUS lusitanica 1.2m StdPortuguese Laurel (50cm+ heads now) 35lt

PRUNUS lusitanica 1.5m Std 35lt - Jan

PRUNUS lusitanica – Portuguese Laurel 1.5m Std (40-50cm heads now) 35lt

Fantastic grade for taller pleaching (trees approx 6-7 year old)

Interesting Tree Fact….
Prunus lusitanica, the Portugal laurel, is a species of the genus Prunus, related to the cherry. It is native to southwestern France, Spain, Portugal”