LOVELY Norway Maple – ACER platanoides…

Norway Maple - ACER platanoides - Arrowtown, April

Norway Maples – Beautiful gold autumn colour shown magnificently in this photo in Queenstown this week…

​ACER platanoides are a lovely upright deciduous tree forming a rounded crown over time. A majestic tree well suited for group planting, avenues and specimen. Glorious gold-amber autumn colour early autumn.

Lovely range of autumn colours through foliage…

ACER platanoides (autumn colour) - April
ACER platanoides (autumn colour) - April
ACER platanoides (autumn colour) - April

Trees looking good and available in a range of sizes now as follows:

ACER platanoidesNorway Maples, 35/45lt container, 2.5m+ now

ACER platanoides PB28 - April
ACER platanoides 25lt - April

ACER platanoidesNorway Maples, PB28/14lt container 2-2.3m+ now (left) and 25lt container, 2.5m+ now (right)


Interesting ACER platanoides, Norway Maple Tree Facts….

“Norway maple is a deciduous broadleaf tree native to eastern, central & northern Europe, from France east to Russia” and was introduced to the UK in the 17th century”​

“The Norway maple is adaptive to extremes in temperatures and soils. It grows well in sand and clay. Norway Maples do well in full sun and can withstand hot and dry conditions”