Hoheria sextylosa ‘Purple Lace’ – Hardy Native Purple Lacebark

Native Purple Lacebark - HOHERIA sexstylosa 'Purple Lace' 45lt - Feb

HOHERIA sexstylosa ‘Purple Lace’

HOHERIA sexstylosa ‘Purple Lace’ is a hardy native purple lacebark with attractive dark green leaf with purple underside. It is a great hardy evergreen that complements and combines well with other natives. It is also a magnet for birds with its attractive white star shape flower produced in early summer.

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Hardy Purple Lacebark - HOHERIA sexstylosa 'Purple Lace' (flower) - April
HOHERIA sexstylosa Purple Lace 45lt - Jan
HOHERIA sextylosa 'Purple Lace' (foliage) - August

HOHERIA sexstylosa ‘Purple Lace’
Small star shape white flower early spring – A magnet for the birds! (Purple Lacebark)

HOHERIA sexstylosa ‘Purple Lace’
Hardy Native Lacebark
45lt at 2m

HOHERIA sexstylosa ‘Purple Lace’
Hardy Native Lacebark – attractive dark green and purple foliage