CORDYLINE australis – Native Ti Kouka – Cabbage Tree or Southern Palm!

Native Cabbage Tree - CORDYLINE australis

Native Cabbage Tree – Hardy robust tree with beautiful texture. Often a very topical tree with some for and against! This unique NZ species thrives in some of the toughest conditions – providing an attractive companion/complimentary addition to native plantings. Also affectionately known as the ‘Southern Palm’ 🙂

CORDYLINE australis 12lt - April

CORDYLINE australis, Native Cabbage Tree, 12lt container at 1-1.2m

CORDYLINE australis 35lt - August

CORDYLINE australis, Cabbage Tree, 35lt container at 1.5m+

CORDYLINE australis 80lt - August

CORDYLINE australis, Native Cabbage Tree, 60/80lt container at 2m+

Interesting Tree Facts:

Cordyline australis are in the family of Tree Lillie’s, the same group as Yucca’s.

The leaves if older removed leaves & tied together in a bundle they make fantastic firelighters!

The roots of the Cabbage Tree are known to be a great source of protein tasting similar to sugar cane when cleaned and boiled for approx. 2 hours.