🌲 – The Monkey Puzzle Tree 🐒🐵

Monkey Puzzle Tree - ARAUCARIA araucana - Invercargill

Monkey Puzzle Tree – This unique tree, with a very unique name! 😊 sets a striking feature in the landscape. Native to Central & Southern Chile and Western Argentina. Super hardy (and apparently also Monkey proof!) this tree will tolerate full coastal winds and heavy frost.

The name ‘Monkey Puzzle’ is said to have derived from the unique wood grain which is highly prized for wood turners. Also possibly from the fact that apparently this tree is Monkey proof!

A fantastic tree for stately avenue, also majestic statement and memorial tree.

Another fun fact: This tree is also known as a ‘Living Fossil’ (for their longevity) and are on the World endangered tree list – add some of these special trees to your landscape today!


Araucaria araucana – Monkey Puzzle Tree 🐒🐵

ARAUCARIA araucana 35lt - June
ARAUCARIA araucana (foliage) - Jan

ARAUCARIA araucana – Monkey Puzzle Tree, 35lt container @ 1.5m+

(these trees are approx. 10 year old)

ARAUCARIA araucana 35lt - June

ARAUCARIA araucana – Monkey Puzzle, 35lt container @ 1.5m+