Making Trees Easy This Autumn 🌳🍂

Easy Big Trees

Autumn is a great time to plant trees. Getting them delivered is easy too, as the video footage showing several Large Heritage Collection TRACHYCARPUS fortunei – Windmill/Fan Palm being transported to a private residence in Christchurch illustrates below.

Recent Heritage Palm Tree installation:

TRACHYCARPUS fortunei 1000lt - Loading, December

Heritage trees like the TRACHYCARPUS fortunei are made easy to load.  We can fit multiple trees in a truck and they’re all professionally packed, delicately loaded and carefully transported.  We only use our most trusted transportation service providers to guarantee plants arrive safely and undamaged.

Heritage trees - Loading, March

Teamwork makes the dreamwork!

For more complicated trees, with longer branches and a larger canopy, a little more puzzle work is called for. Such as with heritage trees like the QUERCUS – Oaks.  But that’s where teamwork comes in.  They’ll make it to you in perfect condition and ready to plant.

These beautiful QUERCUS palustris – Pin Oaks were heading to a project in Cardrona, ready to add some instant effect to the residential project there.

If you would like more information about trees and special delivery direct to your project, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our trees go anywhere - Easy Big Trees