Magnificent Magnolias🌺😍 – 6th September 2021

Wow, that beautiful time of year again… Magnolias looking stunning with their larger tulip like blooms and beautiful light perfume fragrance, wafting through the garden on those lovely still spring days..

A great tree for the smaller garden as well as larger open spaces. A large variety of forms and colours available as follows to suit many planting projects

As shown above: Tui in Magnolia soulangeana

MAGNOLIA denudata – Yulan Magnolia

One of the loveliest magnolia species. Beautiful, creamy white flowers, goblet-shaped initially before opening out to a flared bowl shape. They display on mass in early spring on bare branches before the leaves unfold. They are lightly perfumed and a lovely sight to behold. Deciduous, grows to 5 x 4m.

MAGNOLIA denudata – Yulan Magnolia, 35lt container, now at 2.2m+ (measured from the top of container)

MAGNOLIA ‘Ians Red’ – Deep Pink/Red Magnolia

A select form of deciduous magnolia with dark purple–maroon tulip-like flowers late spring. A compact tidy tree. Performs best with shelter. Deciduous, grows to 6m.

MAGNOLIA ‘Ians Red’ – Deep Pink/Red Magnolia, 80lt container, now at 3m+ (measured from the top of container)

MAGNOLIA ‘Strawberry Fields’ – Pink/Red Magnolia

A NZ hybrid with attractive pink-red blooms in the shape of a large star, flowering from an early age. Flowers for a long period in late winter to spring. Develops into an upright columnar tree, ideal for a street tree. Deciduous, hardy, grows to 5m x 3m.

MAGNOLIA ‘Strawberry Fields’ – Pink/Red Magnolia, 35lt container, now at 2.2m+ (measured from the top of container)

MAGNOLIA stellata ‘Waterlily’ – Star Magnolia

A compact, rounded, multi-branched, twiggy bush with narrow, elliptical, 5-10cm dark green leaves which will turn to golden tones in autumn. Produces star-like, pure white, fragrant flowers in spring. Ideal as a home garden shrub. Deciduous, grows to 2 x 2m.

MAGNOLIA stellata ‘Waterlily’ – Star Magnolia, 25lt container, now at 1m+ (measured from the top of container)