HARDY Evergreen – ARBUTUS unedo – Irish Strawberry Tree

Irish Strawberry Tree - Arbutus unedo 35lt - May 17

A lovely evergreen tree, hardy for cooler and windy condition. The above photo is a local street planting here in Invercargill. This tree has a very similar appearance to our Native Pohutekawa. Attractive white flower in autumn followed by a strawberry like fruit in winter, very attractive to birds.

Arbutus unedo (foliage & flower) - May

ARTBUS unedo, Irish Strawberry Tree Flower in autumn followed by attractive gold and bright red strawberry like fruit early-mid winter

This hardy evergreen tree native to Ireland and areas of France is also known to be drought hardy. Great looking single trunk specimens available as below:

Arbutus unedo 45lt - May

ARTBUS unedoIrish Strawberry Tree 35/45lt container, 1.8m