FLOWERING Native Houhere/Lacebark – HOHERIA sexstylosa

HOHERIA sexstylosa (flower) - Feb

HOHERIA sexstylosa – A lovely semi-evergreen native tree with attractive star shaped white flower mid-summer. Quick growing and attractive to Native Birdlife

HOHERIA sexstylosa 45lt - Feb

HOHERIA sexstylosaNative Houhere/Lacebark, 45lt container at 2.5-3m  – also available in 12lt at 1.5m

Also finer leaved variety available – HOHERIA angustifolia…

HOHERIA angustifolia 45lt - Jan

HOHERIA angustifoliaNZ Native Houhere/Lacebark, 35/45lt at 2.5m now

Interesting Hoheria – Native Houhere/Lacebark Tree Facts….

Hoheria is a quick growing small tree belonging to a genus that is endemic to New Zealand. Its name derives from its many lace-like layers of inner bark, which can be torn into ribbon-like strips

“Hoheria is a genus of six species of flowering plants in the family Malvaceae. All are endemic to New Zealand and the Kermadec Islands. The genus name is a latinization of the Māori language name, Houhere. That name, as well as lacebark and Ribbonwood, are often used as common names” 

​”Hoheria was also traditionally used to soothe, soften and heal tissues, and improve the hydration of the skin.It is particularly useful for inflammatory conditions of the digestive system”