HOHERIA – Houhere – Native Lacebark – 29th March 2021

HOHERIA sexstylosa – Houhere – Native Lacebark in flower now (one of the few trees flowering this time of year)

Quick growing, Native semi-evergreen tree with masses of white star shaped flowers appearing late summer to early autumn. Lightly scented and very popular with birds, it is one of the few flowering trees this time of year.

The Hoheria sexstylosa – Houhere – Native Lacebark is one of 6 species endemic to NZ. The name lacebark comes from the lace-like fibrous inner bark layer.

Lovely hardy, quick growing smaller NZ Native tree that also withstands cooler conditions. Will become semi-deciduous in cooler winters.

HOHERIA sexstylosa 35lt, March

HOHERIA sexstylosa – Houhere – Native Lacebark, 35lt container, at 2.2-2.5m now (measured from top of container) – approx 6 year old

also available in:

6lt container, at 1-1.2m now (measured from top of container)

HOHERIA sexstylosa 'Purple Lace' (Flower), March

HOHERIA sexstylosa ‘Purple Lace’ – Native Purple Lacebark

This lovely select form with attractive purple foliage on underside that gives a purple shimmer in the wind. Producing neat contrasting starry-white flowers early autumn – popular with the birds!

Does need a little more protection from coastal wind and cooler frosty zones, becoming semi-deciduous in cooler areas.

HOHERIA sexstylosa 'Purple Lace' 35lt, March

HOHERIA sexstylosa ‘Purple Lace’ – Houhere – Native Purple Lacebark35lt container, 2m now, (measured from top of container) – approx 7 year old