HARDY Large leaf Native Ake-Ake – OLEARIA paniculata ‘Kaikoura’

Hardy Native Ake Ake – OLEARIA paniculata ‘Kaikoura’ – Jan

This Hardy Native Ake Ake, shrub or small tree has this darker green leather-like foliage and super hardy for coastal and windy sites. Is a select form native to Kaikoura, NZ. Will also withstand frost.

Attractive flakey trunk and amazingly beautifully scented fragrant flowers mid-late summer. A lovely structural plant or small tree.

OLEARIA paniculata ‘Kaikoura’ (bark) – Jan
OLEARIA paniculata ‘Kaikoura’ – Jan

Beautifully sweet, fragrant flowers mid-late summer – also in flower now. Creates a stunning fragrance that drifts through the garden… 

OLEARIA paniculata ‘Kaikoura’ (flower) – March

Available now in lovely chunky 35lt 1.5m+ grades as follows…

OLEARIA paniculata ‘Kaikoura’ 35lt – March

OLEARIA paniculata ‘Kaikoura’ – Larger leaf Native Ake Ake, 35lt container, 1.5m+