GOLDEN Specimen Tree – ULMUS procera ‘Louis van Houtte’

Golden Specimen Tree - ULMUS procera 'Louis Van Houtte' - Nov, Ashburton

Golden Specimen Tree – Beautiful larger growing tree providing a cheerful golden glow to any landscape. Creates attractive avenue (as above) and a beautiful specimen tree providing cool shade during the heat of summer…

ULMUS procera 'Louis Van Houtte' - Maple Glen

Available in instant specimen size as follows:

ULMUS procera 'Louis Van Houtte' 300lt - Nov

ULMUS procera ‘Louis Van Houtte‘ Golden Specimen Tree, Elm, 300lt container at 4.5m+ now

ULMUS procera Louis Van Houtte 45lt - Jan
ULMUS procera 'Louis Van Houtte' 135lt - March

ULMUS procera ‘Louis Van Houtte’, Golden Elm, 45lt container at 3m now

ULMUS procera ‘Louis Van Houtte’, Golden Elm, 135lt container at 4m now

We would also like to share some recent images of beautiful projects we have been privileged to supply…

Cordelia Burgess Project, December

Stunning property with Tilia – Lime tree avenue and pleaching, Carpinus – Hornbeam hedging and a selection of specimen trees including Sorbus – Whitebeam

Suzannah Dowling Project, December

Lovely property with a selection of Prunus – Flowering Cherries and deciduous specimens

Ian & Wendy Hutton Project, December

This majestic property was supplied 10 years ago and looking stunning!

A great range of lovely deciduous trees make up this parklike setting including; Acers –Maples, Fagus – English & Copper Beech, Prunus – Flowering Cherry, Quercus – Oaks, Sorbus – Rowans, Tilia – Limes, Ulmus – Golden Elms

Frank Amyes Project, December

Extensive deciduous and evergreen plantings at this lovely property in Clyde.