LUMA (Myrtus) apiculata, FLOWERING Myrtle Tree or Symbol of Love Tree ❤

Flowering Myrtle Tree - LUMA apiculata - Jan, Invercargill

Flowering Myrtle Tree – Lovely hardy evergreen tree with dark green, fine oval leaved foliage and covered in tight clusters of white flowers mid-summer. Also attractive copper-white trunk developing with age.

Native to Central Andes between Chile & Argentina. Also a symbol of love to the ancient Greeks!

A great specimen and also creates a lovely topiary as shown in these great example below.

LUMA apiculata Stds - Dec, Invercargill

LUMA (Myrtus) apiculata, FLOWERING Myrtle Tree standard entrance avenue

LUMA apiculata - Nov, Invercargill
LUMA apiculata (trunk) - Nov

Neat copper-bronze trunk contrasting attractively with dark green foliage.

Available in large sizes as follows:

LUMA apiculata Std 135lt - Jan

Luma apiculata StdMyrtle Tree, 135lt container at 2.5-2.8m+

LUMA apiculata (trunk) - Nov
LUMA apiculata (flowering) - Jan

Covered with masses of small white clusters of flowers mid-late summer.