PRUNUS – Flowering Cherries – Great Avenue & Specimen Trees!

Flowering Cherries - May

PRUNUS stunning autumn colour (& Manley 🙂 ) – Hamner

Please find the following selection of excellent instant grades of Prunus – Flowering Cherries available now as below. 

Autumn – Winter is a great time to plant – Secure your Avenue Now!!!

PRUNUS yedoensis 45lt - May

PRUNUS yedoensis 1.8m std 45lt 2.5m+ – stunning trees!

We also have the following great looking grades available now as below; 

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Great Street or Avenue Forms:

PRUNUS ‘Accolade’ (early Pink Blossom, vase form) 1.8m std 45lt, 2.5m+, 40mm calliper
PRUNUS ‘Mountain Haze’ (early dense white blossom, smaller spreading form) 1.8m std 45lt, 2.5m+, 30mm calliper
PRUNUS ‘Kanzan’ (upright double pink blossom mid season) 1.5m/1.8m std 45lt, 2.5-3m, 35mm calliper
PRUNUS ‘Shimidsu Sakura’ (Moonlight Cherry, smaller growing spreading form with white blossom mid season)1.8m std 45lt, 2.5m+, 30mm calliper
PRUNUS ‘Shirotae’ Mt Fuji (Large spreading form Cherry with double white blossom) 1.8m std 45lt, 2.5m, 35mm calliper
PRUNUS ‘Tai Haku’ (Larger growing vase to upright form double white blossom later in season) 1.8m std 45lt, 2.8m, 40mm calliper
PRUNUS ‘Ukon’ (Upright form with cream blossom mid-late season) 1.5/1.8m std 45lt, 3m, 40mm calliper
PRUNUS yedoensis (One of the hardiest and popular Cherries, vase form with masses of white blossom early spring)  1.8m std 45lt, 2.5m, 40mm calliper

Weeping Cherries:

PRUNUS ‘Kiku Shidare Sakura’ (double pink blossom mid season, medium to large growing form) 1.5m std, 45lt, 2m
PRUNUS ‘Pendula Rosea’ (smaller growing weeper with fine pink blossom early season) 1m std (twisty stem), 80lt, 1.5m
PRUNUS ‘Pendula Rosea’ (smaller growing weeper with fine pink blossom early season)1.8m std, 45lt
PRUNUS ‘Falling Snow’ (smaller growing weeper with fine white blossom early season) 1.5m std, 45lt, 2.2m
PRUNUS yed. ‘Perpendens’ (strong growing weeping form of yedoensis, white blossom mid season) 1.8m std, 45lt, 2.2m