Fine WINTER Flower – Camellia Transnokoensis

CAMELLIA Transnokoensis (flower) - July
CAMELLIA 'transnokoensis' (flower) - July

This lovely fine foliage Camellia Transnokoensis has a mass of deep red flower buds followed by a small white fluted, lightly fragrant flower, mid-winter. A fantastic Camellia for hedging. Also a magnet to the Bellbirds, Tui’s & Waxeyes with its winter flower. A great smaller growing Camellia well suited to many garden projects.

CAMELLIA 'transnokoensis' 25lt - July

Camellia ‘transnokoensis’ – Small white flower, 25lt container, 1.5m now

Interesting Camellia Facts

Camellias are known to grow 100 and 200 years – the oldest recorded planting that is still living today is in the Panlong Monastry in China – planted in 1347.

Camellia transnokoensis is native to the central mountains of Taiwan, including the slopes of Mt. Noko as reflected in its name