GREAT SCREENING – Evergreen Native Plants for sale – INSTANT effect!

Native Plants for Sale - NOTHOFAGUS fusca 35lt - Feb

Native Plants for Sale – NOTHOFAGUS fusca – Native Red Beech, 25/35lt at 2-2.5m now – instant size for immediate effect!

Lovely Native Red Beech – Nothofagus fusca, this is a very versatile tree that creates a beautiful hedge or screen combing well with other native plantings and exotics. Also attractive fine foliage changing to deep red during in cooler months.

Quick facts – Native Beech
• A bit less than a quarter of New Zealand is still covered in native forest (6.4 million ha)
• Of these forests, about two thirds have some beech in them (4 million ha)
• About half of these have almost nothing but beech trees (2 million ha)
• Beech trees can produce millions of seeds, and during a heavy seed fall about 50 million seeds (about 250 kg of seeds) will fall per hectare.

(from Department of Conservation website)
PITTOSPORUM tenuifolium Wrinkle Blue 11lt - Feb

PITTOSPORUM ten.’Wrinkled Blue’or ‘Screenmaster’ 11/12lt at 1-1.2m

Pittosporum ten. Wrinkled Blue is hardy quick growing hedge also known as ‘Screenmaster’. One of the hardier selctions for frost and also very wind tolerant. Clips up to a lovely tight hedge.