EUCRYPHIA cordifolia & Nymansay – Hardy Evergreen with Beautiful Fragrant Flower – IN FLOWER NOW!!!

EUCRYPHIA nymansensis Nymansay - Feb, Andersons Park

EUCRYPHIA nymansensis ‘Nymansay’ in flower!!! – Andersons Park, Invercargill

These charming evergreens are a hardy Tasmanian Native. They are covered with a mass of white, sweet, fragrant flowers in mid-summer, spreading beautiful aromas through the garden. Is great as an individual small tree or for group plantings. Makes an attractive hedge plant.

EUCRYPHIA cordifolia 35lt - Feb
EUCRYPHIA cordifolia (flower) - Feb
EUCRYPHIA nymansensis Nymansay - 35lt - Jan

EUCRPHIA cordifolia
(Fragrant white flowering tree)
35lt at 1.5m

EUCRYPHIA cordifolia
White fragrant flowers, flowering now!!!

EUCRPHIA nymansensis ‘Nymansay’
(Upright grower-white flower)
35lt at 1.8m+