Cornus ‘Greenvale’ Semi Evergreen – Dogwood

Semi Evergreen Dogwood - CORNUS 'Greenvale' - Dec

Semi Evergreen Dogwood – It has been an amazing season for the Flowering Dogwoods this year! This stunning Cornus ‘Greenvale’ shown in full show above (image taken last week)

This lovely hardy variety originally found in Greenvale Southland is semi evergreen and has an amazing flower long lasting display, with early flowers early-mid spring a cream white changing to pure white then shades of pink mid-summer. 

CORNUS 'Greenvale' (flower) - Dec

Cornus ‘Greenvale’ , Semi Evergreen – Dogwood – shown with attractive early cream flower 

CORNUS 'Greenvale' (flower) - Nov
CORNUS Greenvale (flower) - Dec

Cornus ‘Greenvale’ , Semi Evergreen – Dogwood, showing cream flower early spring to white (currently)


Available now in as follows:

CORNUS 'Greenvale' 25lt - Dec

Cornus ‘Greenvale’ , Dogwood, 25lt container at 2m now


Interesting CORNUS ‘Greenvale’ Facts

“This lovely variety was raised in Greenvale, Southland NZ by Mrs L Patterson”

Cornus Greenvale is a cross between evergreen C. capitata and deciduous C. kousa chinensis resulting in semi-evergreen smaller tree”