THE Whitebeam or SILVER Rowan – SORBUS aria

Common Whitebeam Tree - SORBUS aria - April, Arrowtown

Common Whitebeam Tree – A lovely hardy tree Native to Britain. Does very well in cool and dry. Attractive dark green to silver foliage with full golden to crimson berry display mid-late autumn lasting into winter.

These lovely older trees in photos shown, looking great in beautiful Arrowtown. Soon to colour up deep gold and amber.

Very hardy street or avenue tree also withstanding coastal wind. Well suited for avenues and specimen planting in the Deep South, from Invercargill to Central Otago and further North.

Whitebeam Tree - SORBUS aria - March, Arrowtown

SORBUS aria – Whitebeam or Silver Rowan

SORBUS aria (berries) - March
SORBUS aria (leaves) - March

Showing mid-sized berries coloring up deep gold and amber, lasting into winter. Also stunning autumn colour tones.

SORBUS aria 80lt - March

SORBUS aria – Whitebeam, 80lt container at 3m+

SORBUS aria 1000lt - March
Harrisons Heritage Range - SORBUS aria 1000lt - June

SORBUS aria – Common Whitebeam Tree, 1000lt container at 5-6m+