Chris’s Tree of the Month – AMELANCHIER canadensis 💮 – 6th September 2021

Welcome to the Fourth Edition of the Staff Tree of the Month Video Series.

This week’s selection has been made by Chris.  As Managing Director of Easy Big Trees, Chris is in charge of the ongoing nursery development.  More specifically, Chris is focused on growing the Harrison Heritage Collection.  These are advanced specimen grades up to 30 years old, ranging from 2 metres to over 7 metres in height.

Chris has selected the quite stunning AMELANCHIER canadensis – Whitebait or Shad Tree.  In full bloom at present, they make for a delightful sight, easing us into the spring and the warmer months to follow.

As shown above in Carpark Setting – Arrowtown

Hear more about the Amelanchier as follows;

AMELANCHIER canadensis – 25/35lt grade as shown in video

Known by some as the ‘Canadian Serviceberry’, this attractive and hardy tree is native to North America and is found from as far north as Newfoundland in Canada, all the way down to Alabama, in the southern United States.  Blooming is normally timed to begin as the shad move in from the Atlantic, moving up river to spawn.  Locally, they bloom as Whitebait season commences, hence why we often refer to it as the ‘Whitebait Tree’.

An attractive and hardy shrub, or smaller tree, the white starry flowers mark a change in its appearance in early spring, providing a wonderful contrast against the background of fresh coppery growth.  This is followed by small, purple berries.  A particular favourite of birds, they might be used in our kitchens also.

Come Autumn, the AMELANCHIER canadensis explodes into a crescendo of colour, with warming yellows and oranges, rich crimson and deep purples.

Very hardy, tolerates dry exposed conditions.  Deciduous, grows to around 4 x 3m.

AMELANCHIER canadensis, 35lt container, at 2.3-3m (measured from top of container) now  – as shown above, approx 5+ year old

AMELANCHIER canadesis 400lt Heritage Grade (approx 12+ year old) as shown recently installed at the beautiful Ivy Box Art Gallery, Queenstown

This art gallery has just re-opened, for more information please visit:

Photos credit to Lynda from Ivy Box and Matt Jones from JLM