HARDY PALM – TRACHYCARPUS fortunei – Chinese Windmill Palm

TRACHYCARPUS fortunei 160lt - Jan

TRACHYCARPUS fortuneiHardy Windmill Palm, 160lt at 2-2.5m – also 80lt grades available – please enquire

This lovely Chinese Windmill Palm is one of the hardiest species available. This Palm is native to Central China and Southern Japan and does well in the most frosty areas on NZ. Also is wind hardy. Ideal feature tree for great texture and tropical effect – secure these beautiful larger specimens today!

TRACHYCARPUS fortunei 160lt - May

Frost coated after early morning -4  this week! Durable Southern Grown! 🙂

TRACHYCARPUS fortuneiHardy Windmill Palm, 160lt at 2-2.5m