Aliza’s Tree of the Month – QUERCUS palustris – Pin Oak 🍂❄ – 12th July 2021

Here we have our third edition of our Staff Tree of the Month Video Series. 

This week we have Alizas favourite tree. Aliza’s work includes sales and marketing in the office, along with tree care outdoors.

Aliza’s favourite tree this month is the stunning QUERCUS palustris – Pin oak. This video was filmed in autumn with their amazing autumn colour, but currently these are looking great in the winter landscape with their coppery winter foliage.

Shown above are specimens in Millbrook, Queenstown, looking stunning in the snow. Installed approx 6 years ago.



As seen in video, 200lt Heritage Grade:

QUERCUS palustris 200lt, May

A popular tree with pyramidal habit and magnificent autumn colour. Widely used for avenue and street planting and will also tolerate growing in root-restricted areas such as car parks or courtyards. Deciduous, grows to 8 x 6m.

QUERCUS palustris – Pin Oak, 200lt container, at 4.5-5m (measured from top of container) now as shown above, approx 12+ year old

also available in the following:

RP12/16 container, 1.8m+ now  – approx 4 year old

RP39/45 container, 2.5-3m now  – approx 6+ year old

80lt container, 3m now – approx 8+ year old

1000lt container, 5-6m now – approx 15+ years old

QUERCUS palustris - Northlake, Wanaka, Feb

Quercus palustris – Pin Oak  – Harrisons Heritage Collection, 1000lt 6-7m grade as shown installed at Northlake Wanaka