ACER palmatum – Beautiful Graceful Japanese Maples….

ACER palmatum Bloodgood 35/45lt - Oct

ACER palmatum ‘Bloodgood’ 35/45lt 2-2.3m+ – lovely chunky trees

ACER palmatum – Japanese Maples are a lovely feature tree with stunning colour and soft graceful foliage. Ideally best suited to more sheltered areas of garden. Combine great with stonework and native plantings.

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ACER palmatum 80lt - Oct
Red Weeping Maple - ACER palmatum dissectum 'Tamukeyama' 45lt - Oct
ACER palmatum dissectum ' Viridis' - 35lt - Oct

ACER palmatum
Soft Green Japanese Maples – stunning autumn colour!
80lt at 2.8-3m

ACER palmatum diss. ‘Tamukeyama’
Deep Red Weeping Japanese Maples
35lt at 1.2m, 1m std

ACER palmatum diss. ‘Viridis’
Soft Green Weeping Japanese Maples
35lt at 1.2m, 1m std