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  1. View our latest nursery overview…

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    Nursery Overview – A stunning spell of weather in the deep south and indeed the whole of NZ, has made for excellent growth here in the nursery. Please view our latest fly-over video above…

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  2. POPULAR Portuguese Laurel Std – LARGE Sizes Available Now!!!

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    Portuguese Laurel Std – Lovely pleached row shown above. A fantastic hardy evergreen with lush new green foliage. Hardy to frost heat, sun and dry. A very popular landscape plants… SECURE these great looking trees NOW!!!

    PRUNUS lusitanica 1m Std 14lt - Nov

    PRUNUS lusitanica – Portuguese Laurel 1-1.2m Std (40cm+ heads now) 14lt container

    PRUNUS lusitanica 1m Std 35lt - Nov

    PRUNUS lusitanica – Portuguese Laurel Std 1m Std (50cm+ heads now) 35lt

    PRUNUS lusitanica 1.2m Std 35lt - Nov

    PRUNUS lusitanica 1.2m StdPortuguese Laurel (50cm+ heads now) 35lt

    PRUNUS lusitanica 1.5m Std 35lt - Nov

    PRUNUS lusitanica – Portuguese Laurel 1.5m Std (40-50cm heads now) 35lt

    Fantastic grade for taller pleaching (trees approx 6-7 year old)

    Interesting Tree Fact….
    Prunus lusitanica, the Portugal laurel, is a species of the genus Prunus, related to the cherry. It is native to southwestern France, Spain, Portugal”

  3. Beautiful FLOWERING DOGWOOD – CORNUS kousa ‘Satomi’

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    CORNUS kousa ‘Satomi’Pink Flowering Dogwood, 35lt container at 1.6-1.8m now

    Striking cream flower colouring up deep salmon pink as the year progresses. This lovely selection Native to Japan has a bushy upright habit, does prefer protection from wind. Grows to 3-4m x 1.5-2m wide:

    CORNUS kousa 'Satomi' (flower) - Nov

    Add a group of these unique trees to your collection today!

    Interesting Tree Facts….

    Genus name comes from the Latin word Cornus meaning horn in probable reference to the strength and density of the wood. Cornus is also the Latin name for cornelian cherry.

    Native to Japan, Korea and China, the first scientific observations of the kousa dogwood in the United States were recorded in 1875

  4. GLOWING Golden Elm – ULMUS procera ‘Louis Van Houtte’

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    Beautiful tree with cheerful appearance. This photo snapped this week in Queenstown of a lovely group of Golden Elm… I couldn’t resist including the burnt orange ute popping by at the right time!

    Golden Elms are a strong growing structural tree medium hardy to wind and excellent for shade (and climbing!) Provide great colour accentuation to the landscape or help brighten and lift darker corner in the landscape horizon… Strong growing avenue tree. We have fantastic larger established trees available NOW as follows:

    ULMUS procera 'Louis Van Houtte' 45lt - Oct
    ULMUS procera 'Louis Van Houtte' 80lt - Nov
    ULMUS procera 'Louis Van Houtte' 135lt - Nov

    ULMUS procera ‘Louis Van Houtte’
    – Golden Elm
    45lt container at 2.5m+

    ULMUS procera ‘Louis Van Houtte’
    – Golden Elm
    80lt container at 3.5m

    ULMUS procera ‘Louis Van Houtte’
    – Golden Elm
    135lt container at 4m

    Or SUPER LARGE 200lt container 4-5m grade!!!

    ULMUS procera 'Louis Van Houtte' 200lt - Nov

    ULMUS procera ‘Louis Van Houtte’, 200lt container at 4.5m now       Instant Results!!!

    Interesting Tree Facts….

    “Ulmus ‘Louis van Houtte’ is believed to have been first cultivated in Ghent, Belgium circa 1863. It was first mentioned by Franz Deegen in 1886”

    “The Elms are among the best of fire retardant species and make suitable street trees as they are hardy to pollution”

  5. SCARLET Flowering Hawthorn – CRATAEGUS laevigata ‘Pauls Scarlet’

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    The Scarlet Hawthorn look amazing with their striking deep scarlet flower! A very hardy tree well suited to hot dry conditions and also colder areas (Crataegus Pauls Scarlet are sterile flowering so non spreading) Also are thornless. A fantastic tree for Central Otago!

    CRATAEGUS laevigata 'Pauls Scarlet' - Nov
    CRATAEGUS laevigata 'Pauls Scarlet' - Nov

    Lovely tight rosette double flowers late October early November

    CRATAEGUS laevigata 'Pauls Scarlet' 45lt - Nov

    CRATAEGUS laevigata ‘Pauls Scarlet’Scarlet Flowering Hawthorn- 35/45lt container at 2.5m+

    Interesting Tree Facts…

    Crataegus Pauls Scarlet in actually in the Rose family! – (Rosaceae) even though Pauls Scarlet is a thornless variety

    ​- This variety was discovered more than 150 years ago as a sport on a Crataegus laevigata ‘Rosea Flore Pleno’ plant, and introduced to the trade in 1866 by the plantsman William Paul (England).

    – Native to Oregon, USA

  6. ACER palmatum varieties… STUNNING Japanese Maples!!!

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    Stunning Japanese Maples – Lovely mature examples of ACER Bloodgood (left) & ACER Tamukeyama (right)

    Japanese Maples are a graceful tree with lush soft foliage early spring. These smaller growing trees provide great colour contrast and texture to the garden landscape. They make lovely feature trees with their stunning colour and soft foliage. Ideally best suited to more sheltered areas of garden. Combine well with stonework and native plantings. 

    We have a great selection available as below:

    Golden Weeping Maple - ACER palmatum dissectum 'Moss Gold' 35lt - Oct
    ACER palmatum dissectum 'Viridis' 35lt - Oct
    Red Weeping Maple - ACER palmatum dissectum 'Tamukeyama' 45lt - Oct

    ACER palmatum diss. ‘Moss Gold’
    Weeping Japanese Maple
    35lt, 1m Std

    ACER palmatum diss. ‘Viridis’
    Weeping Green Maple, soft foliage
    35lt, 1m Std

    ACER palmatum diss. ‘Tamukeyama’
    Red Weeping Maple
    35lt, 1m Std

    ACER palmatum Bloodgood 35lt - Oct
    ACER palmatum 'Osakazuki' 35lt - Oct
    ACER palmatum 'Shindeshojo' 25lt - Oct

    ACER palmatum ‘Bloodgood’
    Red Japanese Maple
    35/45lt at 2m+

    ACER palmatum ‘Osakazuki’
    Green Japanese Maple
    35lt at 2m+

    ACER palmatum ‘Shindeshojo’
    Compact Red Japanese Maple
    25lt at 1.5m+

    Green Japanese Maple - ACER palmatum 80lt - Oct
    ACER palmatum Bloodgood 80lt - Oct
    ACER palmatum Scolopendrifolium 135lt - Oct

    ACER palmatum
    Green Japanese Maple
    80lt at 2.5-3m

    ACER palmatum ‘Bloodgood’
    Red Japanese Maple
    80lt at 2.5-3m

    ACER palmatum ‘Scolopendrifolium’
    Green Japanese Maple, lace-like foliage
    135lt at 3m+

  7. Large Exotic Trees – NEW images of our main growing block at Pomona Road, Makarewa

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    This Makarewa main growing site is just over 20 acres with large exotic trees. A beautiful time of the year in the nursery with many trees in blossom and fresh into leaf…

    Drone Photos | Easy Big Trees

    Above image shows our main dispatch and containerising areas. Also new shade area block (shown to right of photo) for RhododendronsCamellia and Michelia…  Trees shown in blossom below are the Ulmus Horizontalis – Spreading Elm (creamy-green blossom) and Prunus Tai Haku – Great White Cherry – fantastic flowering display this year!

    Drone Photos | Easy Big Trees

    The Easy Big Trees – Growing and Sales/Marketing Team! 🙂

    From left to right – Ryland – Dispatch ManagerChris – GM & Tree CareJoel –ProductionBarney – Client Care ManagerWarren – Production & SalesBrandon – Sales & MarketingAndrew – Production

    Drone Photos | Easy Big Trees

    As always we look forward to hearing from you and helping with your tree & shrubs requirements. Please call or email with any info & help needed 🙂

  8. STUNNING Flowering Crabapple – MALUS – In Flower NOW!

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    These two lovely Malus – Flowering Crabapple, were photographed in Arrowtown this week. Stunning deep pink-scarlet blossom – a real standout in the landscape!

    Flowering Crabapple - Oct

    MALUS ‘Ballerina Maypole’ – a glorious upright form with masses of deep pink blossom followed by deep purple crabs (apples) late summer. A neat smaller growing upright avenue or group planting tree.

    MALUS 'Ballerina Maypole' 25lt - Sept
    MALUS 'Ballerina Maypole' (flower) - Oct

    MALUS ‘Ballerina Maypole’Columnar Crabapple, Red Fruit, 25lt at 1.5m+

    MALUS domestica ‘Flamingo’ – beautiful newer variety with scarlet pink blossom early October. Lovely upright-vase shape form. This variety does not seem to fruit which can be beneficial in certain garden and park/street situations.

    MALUS domestica 'Flamingo' 25lt - Oct
    MALUS domestica 'Flamingo' (in flower) - Oct

    MALUS domestica ‘Flamingo’, Scarlet Flowering Crabapple, 25lt at 2m

    MALUS ‘Strathmore’ – mid-dark pink blossom late September. Lovely new deep red foliage also provides accented colour.

    MALUS Strathmore 35lt - Oct
    MALUS Strathmore (flower) - Oct

    MALUS ‘Strathmore’, Red Leaf, Narrow Grower, 35lt at 2.5m

    MALUS species are not just great for their cheerful spring colour but also an attraction to the birds. Attracting our Native nectar feeding birds when in blossom and again a range of birds when in fruit, sometimes well into the winter…

  9. Weeping FLOWERING Cherries

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    PRUNUS subhirtella ‘Falling Snow’ 1.8m StdWhite Weeping Flowering Cherry, 80lt

    POPULAR Smaller growing Weeping form Cherries – the PRUNUS subhirtella ‘Falling Snow’ and PRUNUS subhirtella ‘ Pendula Rosea’ provide a mass of fine blossom through September. LARGE specimens available for that INSTANT effect as shown – also smaller sizes available – please get in touch with us!

    PRUNUS subhirtella 'Pendula Rosea' 1m twisty stem 300lt - Sept

    PRUNUS subhirtella ‘Pendula Rosea’ 1m twisty stemPink Weeping Flowering Cherry, 300lt

  10. Cherry Blossoms – Do you have Tui’s in your Garden?

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    Cherry Blossom – This beautiful specimen was snapped here in Invercargill by one of our staff, dining out on the lovely Prunus yedoensis in full bloom…

    PRUNUS – Cherry Blossom are magnificent for the beautiful blooms this time of year but also provide welcome nectar to our lovely Native Birdlife.


    There are a great selection available as follows: (click on link to see more info)

    ​PRUNUS ‘Accolade’ – Attractive smaller spreading tree with masses of semi-double rich pink flowers early spring. Vibrant orange to red autumn colour. An all-time favourite. Grows to 6 x 5m.

    PRUNUS ‘Kanzan’ – Hardy and popular upright vase-shaped cherry blossom with attractive new coppery foliage and deep double pink blossom in October lasting for several weeks. Hardy, deciduous, grows to 6 x 4m.

    PRUNUS ‘Mountain Haze’ – Medium sized spreading tree with masses of small white flowers with small deep pink centres covering the tree early spring. Autumn colour shades of orange, red and yellow. Hardy, deciduous, grows to 4–5m

    PRUNUS ‘Pink Perfection’ – Lovely, fully double, frilled blooms of rosy-pink are carried in long, drooping clusters during October and November on an erectly spreading vase-shaped tree. Young foliage is an attractive bronze tone, turning green over summer and into spectacular orange shades over autumn. Deciduous, grows to 6 x 4m.

    PRUNUS ‘Shimidsu Sakura’ or Moonlight Cherry – Beautiful smaller tree with graceful spreading form and double flowers opening pink and fading to blush white from October through to November. An ideal smaller avenue or garden ornamental tree. Hardy, deciduous, grows to 4 x 5m.

    PRUNUS ‘Shirotae’ or Mt Fuji Cherry – Strong spreading horizontal growing habit. Snow white, fragrant large semi-double flowers in October combined with fresh green new foliage. Stunning autumn colour turning shades of orange gold and crimson. One of our favourite cherries. Hardy, deciduous, grows to 5 x 5m.

    PRUNUS ‘Tai Haku’ or Great White Cherry – One of the largest and most spectacular wind hardy cherries, forms a tall tree with a spreading rounded crown. Has a large single pure white fragrant flower set amongst new coppery-bronze foliage mid-Spring. A spectacular specimen or avenue tree. Deciduous, grows to 8 x 6m.

    PRUNUS ‘Ukon’ – An interesting tree with an upright vase-shaped form similar to Kanzan but has large semi-double greenish-yellow blossom in mid-October. New foliage is also coppery-red providing an interesting contrast. Deciduous, grows to 6 x 5m

    PRUNUS yedoensis or Yoshino Cherry – Is our most hardy and favourite blossoming cherry, used extensively in street and garden plantings from Southland to Canterbury. It is one of the first cherries in flower, covered in a mass of almond-scented single blush white flowers early spring followed by brilliant orange to red autumn colour. It has a compact vase to spreading form. Excellent street or avenue tree. Hardy, deciduous, grows to 5 x 4m.