Mop Head Robinia - ROBINIA pseudoacacia 'Mop Top' 45lt - Feb
ROBINIA pseudoacacia ‘Mop Top’ - Dec, QueenstownMop Head Robinia - ROBINIA pseudoacacia 'Mop Top' 45lt - JanROBINIA Mop Top 45lt - Dec

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ROBINIA pseudoacacia ‘Mop Top’ – Mop Head Robinia

Product Description

Mop Head Robinia

Popular medium-sized tree standard with a beautiful head of fine lush green foliage early spring. Able to be grafted on to various standard heights. Attractive and useful in a courtyard setting. Deciduous, grows to 2.5 x 2.5m.

Suitable for: Courtyards and formal entrance ways.

Features: Large lush green mop top standard.

Botanical Name: ROBINIA pseudoacacia ‘Mop Top’

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