GREAT SCREENING – Evergreen Native Plants for sale – INSTANT effect!

Native Plants for Sale - NOTHOFAGUS fusca 35lt - Feb

NOTHOFAGUS fusca – Native Red Beech, 25/35lt at 2-2.5m  – instant size for immediate effect!

Native Plants for Sale – Lovely Native Red Beech – Nothofagus fusca, this is a very versatile tree that creates a beautiful hedge or screen combing well with other native plantings and exotics. Also attractive fine foliage changing to deep red during in cooler months.

PITTOSPORUM tenuifolium Wrinkle Blue 11lt - Feb

PITTOSPORUM ten.’Wrinkled Blue’or ‘Screenmaster’ 11/12lt at 1-1.2m – also have larger 35lt grade at 1.5m

Pittosporum ten. Wrinkled Blue is hardy quick growing hedge also known as ‘Screenmaster’. One of the hardier selections for frost and also very wind tolerant. Clips up to a lovely tight hedge.